Healing Matters

I recently suffered from an ear ache that affected me.

So I prayed about it.

I did what God told me to do and I said what God told me to say and the ear ache left me.

I have been a believer in healing for years,yet for a while I was busy.

God is so amazing,yet till we give God time we do not realize what He can and what He will do for us.

God answers us before we call Him,

God listens to what we say during the time we call Him

and He answers after we call Him.

We truly serve a amazing and a awesome God that has no difficulties or limits at all.

God made us and God can heal us too.

The only thing that we need to do is call Him,listen to what He tells us to do and say 

and do what He tells us to do and say then the healing should occur,yet we must believe during this process.


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